We had to build in series support for this

  • We had to build in series support for this, so basically you load into a server and it'll say 'Game 2 of 3' and show an indicator or who has won how many games. And it'll do this seamlessly.You can also turn cross-play on or off, and you can set rank requirements. We're expecting a lot of people to say like 'This tournament is Diamond only.' If I set the minimum rank to Silver 1, the whole team has to have at least one player at that rank or higher, or else they won't be allowed to check in.

    We have long-term goals with this. One is attaching items to a tournament from both our perspective and the community's. A feature that we're working on but aren't going to turn on initially until we're sure that everything is super solid is community item rewards. If you're a tournament organizer and you want to pull in the best of the best, you attach a really valuable item to first place. We'll hold it in escrow, and it'll automatically transfer to whoever wins.

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