Without Aaron Donald, I cannot get so many MUT Coins

  • I will always owe it to Aaron Donald. In addition to being the most important defensive player in the league in the past seven seasons, he also represents the class and dignity of the organization. He has done all the work we asked him to do. We asked him to play new North 3-4 de and his natural 4-3 DT position. He took over the two teams, ran from the edge, and then pushed into the back. Putting Aaron Donald on the court is like a Blitzkrieg with maximum coverage. He put his pocket away, harassed QB and destroyed the defender. I can't count how many times Donald has run on a field 30 yards away to save points.

    Aaron Donald is a Super Bowl MVP twice. In the past seven years, he has recorded 15 mut coins madden 20 or more sacks per season. In the past five seasons, the rams have ranked 5, 1, 11, 3 and 2 in scoring, second only to Aaron Donald. He's the heart and soul of the Los Angeles Rams.

    Without Aaron Donald, the rams won't win the Super Bowl twice. He won the nickname "cheat code" because it seems unfair to have him on the defensive side - just like having 12 defenders on the court.

    We don't have enough resources to keep the team together because the rams have had incredible success in the past five seasons. Although we have lost key elements in the past, we are now in a position to build a competitive team, we need to add some players that we can't do and keep Aaron Donald. This is the cruel reality of professional sports. We only like Aaron's retired ram. But we believe that if we make a wise decision and feel a bit lucky in the draft, we will continue to win in his absence. There is no substitute for Aaron Donald. Our defense will be different. It won't be so dominant. But as a team, we will stand up.

    We want Aaron Donald to do his best discount mut coins in Cleveland. We won't trade Donald for a team that can't compete for the championship. He should be a member of the Super Bowl caliber team, and that's how Cleveland Brown are. They are first-class organizations and I guarantee Aaron will have the kind of good defense he deserves.

    Once again, I would like to thank Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald) for the past seven incredible seasons. You will always be my ram.