A lot of that is just a consequence of growing up

  • Everything now is either afk or grind, no love for only having OSRS GP fun. Honestly however, runescape isn't the only sport that's gone that way, which imo, makes it worse. It looks like just about every mmo headed that way.I overlook the older runescape days.It's not that they ceased being great, it's just that the runescape players grew up. Folks do not have time as kids to goof off exploring or doing house parties since they have goals they did and they want to attain.

    I think a great deal of the efficiency mentality is only a side effect of getting older. You have duties in life so you approach your obligations in a manner that is efficient and that mentality carries over to runescape. A lot of the nostalgia in RS that I have is just a byproduct of youth wonderment where every thing was new and exciting. I love the nostalgia I have for older RS and I love runescape as it's now, but I realize that portion of the distinction is that I grew up.

    Also, our entire lives become about efficacy. It's how we are raised, and honestly I believe it is just human instinct.I do not believe our creation"got it right" as it came to playing mmos, but I believe it was our age that gave us the enjoyment. Back then we didn't need to worry about much, and it left playing runescape enjoyable.

    You didn't mind spending hours helping a friend or drifting through the forest because really, what else did you really have to do? Now I think Jagex has pushed a lot of fashionscape and also has pushed achievements to runescape players to encourage them to concentrate on getting things done, which is bad. An ideal situation was created by our age for us.

    A lot of that is just a consequence of growing up. It's not merely a runescape item. When I got my very own computer and moved out of runescape into rift, I joined an awesome guild. Followed them to gw2 out of rift. When they added it as a 12, joined up for ESO. This was around cheap runescape 3 gold when I got a long term girlfriend, and was getting ready to move out of my parents. Since moving out and now with a household, there just isn't time to spend 6-12 hours per day playing video games and observing the MMO Gameplay loop I adored so much.