Costs like 200k for an elder place

  • This here is your #1 issue with rs gold 2007 and everybody else with the same mindset. From gearing 7, what's stopping you? It's not expensive, it costs like 200k for an elder place, what, or for dino/gano armor? Throw in a shield or Elder Rune shield. With that set up assuming you good at runescape and understand how to use skills, you are able to escape PKers' majority, if not kill them. But suddenly that would change with NPCs? Lol, you're kidding yourself.Lures are not daily occurrence. lol. Unless you're literally sitting in w2 GE listening to idiot trying to"double your money" that are easy enough to ignore. It affects the covetous or ignorant of runescape players.

    But eliminating PvP doesn't fix that at all, those idiots would just fall for GE things which don't match their worth. Or. Only band-aiding hte lure with death mechanic changes are more than enough.In 2007 that the revenants could not even run. They were very dangerous if you afk'd or were not ready, but if you paid attention whilst and were prepared to fight them escape them they were not a issue that is huge. They weren't unescapable and they weren't so OP they straight up everyone in sight, so there is not any explanation as to. It is not hard to design monsters which are a big threat to people without any equipment and folks AFK, however, is not extremely annoying for anyone prepared to escape or fight from. With"not making the wildy a secure zone" I did not mean that there should be mechanics to create a guaranteed death, but there ought to be mechanisms that keep it insecure to afk which make it worth the effort to get ready for.

    If you're not into high-level PvM and bossing then 2m or even 200k can be a lot of money, especially because it's easy to eliminate all of it in a minute due to a skull trick exploit.Don't forget that runescape has a great deal of casual runescape players. If you meet a pker then there is a huge chance they aren't a casual and then even with elder rune gear they are extremely unlikely to win from someone with decent PvM experience.One large difference is that with NPCs there is zero danger of being skull tricked. I am able to understand just what I would lose if I die so I could build my gear without the risk of losing items it took me months of grinding for.

    With the NPCs I know which ones are too powerful for me and that ones I could take on, and I feel a lot more warranted in taking risks, if I understand what I could endure from if I paid attention. If I do die, then there is also still a possibility I could get back in time to pick up my items to buy rs3 gold if no other runescape participant saw it.Wear expensive gear such as masterwork along with a scythe and afk at the GE in a somewhat crowded world for some time. You're going to receive PMs of people trying to lure you. And yes, I understand you set it to friends only or can turn off chat, but they are stopped by only for you. The lure attempts clearly occur very often and with much baits it seems that they are probably effective frequently.