A perfect portable speaker for binge watching

  • Today, we can find the best of the best electronics devices on the market - be it smartphones, computers, and tablets. But often the tech designers forget to integrate good speakers into these devices.

    Sometimes I wonder why some tone-deaf tech makers neglect to put good quality speakers into smartphones or laptops. Don’t they realize that most people use these devices to stream videos? Thankfully, some geniuses have invented portable Bluetooth speakers. You can find out about different Bluetooth speakers on https://soundpro.in/best-bluetooth-speakers-with-fm-radio/ and see which one suits your specific needs. My requirement, however, was a portable speaker that connects to a laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth so that I can easily enjoy watching YouTube videos or Netflix whenever I want. I also wanted a speaker with FM facility to enjoy radio during my bedtime. While searching online, I came across many portable Bluetooth speakers - some were under INR 2000 range and some devices were priced above INR 50,000. No matter what’s your budget, you can easily find a portable speaker for yourself. Even I have found the exact device that I needed.

    After this portable Bluetooth speaker I can enjoy binge watching movies or random internet videos. The best part is that I can finally turn off the subtitles under the videos and enjoy full-screen videos without any trouble hearing the conversation or sound in a movie/video.