3 Reasons Why a Remote Controlled Dalek is the Perfect Gift All

  • I always hear my wife and her sister talking about how difficult it is to find a gift for their dad and their brothers for fathers day and birthdays, never mind about for Christmas.

    I have yet to meet a man who doesn't like the Dr Who TV series, whether it is the latest incarnation or one of the earlier ones the Daleks have been a staple part of just about every season.

    1-We all like to be scared a little bit
    While I don't like horror films I do remember the tingle of fear that went up my spine when I saw the Daleks in their latest TV incarnation. It brings back memories of childhood, sitting with my grandmother on a Saturday evening watching the battles to save the world from their evil minds.

    2-Remote Control Toys Aren't Just For Little Kids
    Whenever you go to the supermarket you will see there are remote controlled cars, trucks and sometimes hovercraft in the toy section. Maybe you have bought one as a gift for your kids or relatives. Grown men love remote control toys, I don't know if it is a "being in charge" issue or just the fact that when we were kids these toys were so expensive no one could afford them so we missed out.

    3- They Talk and Scare The Cat
    OK so it may seem childish but there is something very cool about having your own talking Dalek that can chase round the house after your cat, wife or anyone else you wish. You can even set it up so he will guard your door.

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