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Camrin HamptonSports16United StatesMuslim basketball player from Palm Springs has life changed by kindness of coach, new Nike hijab. ... That doesn't sound like the recipe for a heart-warming success story, but those were the linchpins to a life-changing moment for Palm Springs freshman basketball player Camrin Hampton ..33
AYMEN BARKOKSports19GermanyFourFourTwo ranked Barkok 36th on its annual list of the world’d best teenage players. Since he won’t qualify for that honor in 2018, the next step in the promising midfielder’s development will be earning a spot on the magazine’s list of the world’s top 100 players overall.7
AmaiyaZafar Sports18United StatesTeen Fights Boxing. Zafar, a devout Muslim, has taken issue with boxing uniform codes that restrict her need to be fully covered as required by her faith. Wearing a hijab is a violation of the uniform codes of USA Boxing, the body that governs Olympic-style boxing in America, and the International Boxing Association (AIBA) www.amaiyazafar.com5
Noha BerhanSports18GermanyNoha Berhan has not been able to play their matches with Huddinge in the basketball season for the whole season. Now the 18-year-old can finally return to the plan again. The Fiba Basketball Association has granted a dispensation to headgear. 3
MaryamAl-AzawiSports18GermanyShe can't do matches. The veil is okay under the head guard, the t-shirt also if she pulls up her sleeves a little. Long socks up to the knee joint as well. The problem is the trousers over her knees. She believes it is important to cover as a woman. Islam is a way of life for her. She prays five times a day and fasts every year. 2