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NoorFadelPeace18CanadaA Canadian Muslim teen who was attacked by a man on a Vancouver train has said she "forgives" her attacker.12
zaidAlzabethmedPeace19United StatesChallenging misconceptions and stereotypes about his faith, a sixteen-year-old American Muslim teen has created a multi-platform organization to embrace “acceptance and tolerance” and create an active community12
AhedTamimiPeace17PalestinianPalestinian girl who spent eight months in an Israeli prison for slapping two Israeli soldiers, was set free this week. By the time she got out, the teen had been transformed into an icon of the Palestinian resistance movement.11
Jemal Abraha.Peace17EritreaAbraha’s formula cold take less than a minute to solve. So impressed by Abraha’s skills, technology giant Apple has offered him a lifetime scholarship and signing fee of 30 million dollars to come and work for them upon graduation. 8
Nazia QureshiPeace18India2016 :Muslim Saves Hindu, At 15 Nazia, returning home from school, heard a young girl’s cry for help, who was being forcibly pulled on a motorcycle by two youths. Disregarding her own safety, Nazia rushed to the girl’s help and held her hand and pull her away from the kidnappers, who fled. 8