Path of Exile Equipment selection

  • The legendary equipment mentioned above is not necessarily more suitable for you than the rare equipment with good attributes. What kind of equipment is right for you?
    The affixes of the equipment are varied, and different affixes have different meanings for different professional genres, so we can determine the quality of the attributes according to the following two principles:
    @ Positioning is clear: multiple related attributes are better than unrelated attributes
    For example, a weapon that increases X% physical damage and increases the Y% attack speed is obviously used by the character that the weapon attacks the output, while the wand that increases X% spell damage and increases Y% physical damage cannot determine who to use. The positioning is not clear.
    @ Have better affixes
    An "evil two-handed sword" will have an attribute that increases physical damage by 70% to 89%, and a "small-handed sword" will increase by 90% to 109%. Rare items have up to six attributes, and each attribute interacts, so the level of attributes becomes important. For example: +150% physical damage, + (2 ~ 4) physical damage weapons are much worse than +120% physical damage, +20-40 physical damage weapons.
    The general rules for some valuable items are listed below:
    - Physical output weapon: high % physical damage, high physical damage, high attack speed. More damage means it needs more Exalted Orb or other currency items.
    - Elemental Strike Weapon: High attack speed, increased XY flame / cold / lightning damage, at least two
    - Spell output weapon: high spell damage, high cast speed, return speed
    - COC critical strike dagger: high spell damage, high attack speed, high critical strike rate
    - Special weapons: +1 all gems and +2 gems (like bows)
    - Multi-hole weapons: five or more (even white weapons are valuable and can be used as equipment base)
    - Powerful Life Armor: Has the following attributes: Health, High % Defense (Armor, Dodge, Block) and Elemental Resistance. Powerful armor can be selled for more currency through PoE Trade.
    - Powerful shield armor: high % energy shield, high fixed value energy shield, resistant to add points
    - Excellent gloves: high attack speed and various attributes of strong armor
    - Excellent shoes: high speed and powerful attributes
    - Multi-hole armor: five or more (even white breastplates are valuable and can be used as equipment base)
    Belts, rings, and necklaces are parts that are difficult to judge, but they still apply to our two major principles. They also occupy a small number of grids, players can stay in the warehouse for trial wear.