What Are The Disadvantages Of Radio As Mean Of Educational Comm

  • Basically, making educational communication more persuasive and effective, visual aids are very important in the educational sector. In the case of radio, if educational program or courses is broadcast on the radio then the people who do not understand or have the poor listening ability cannot understand what a person is trying to communicate. There are millions of people who need visual aids such as a multimedia presentation or hard copies, whiteboards to better understand the discussion and can learn about the topic easily. You can Pay Someone to Write My Paper Cheap. In this era, people are seeking education with great pace and classrooms are crowded with students. 100 plus students are sitting in the same classroom which disables back seated students to see what a teacher is explaining. Lack of visual aids is the major issue of radio in educational communication. Moreover, the body language of a teacher also conveys the message which is, unfortunately, is not viewable in radio communication. Feedback and analyze the interest of students are not possible on the radio. Therefore, radio communication has lots of disadvantages in educational communication.