Realm Royale Season 3 introduces two brand new cosmetics

  • The new Realm Royale patch is airing today and introduces the new Battle Pass. Named The Next Frontier, this pass has many new cosmetics including skins, mounts, loading screens and, of course, chickens. In accordance with its shape, Hi-Rez has injected their offerings with many ridiculous references and pop culture. Some important items include the Cyborg Assassin Six-Shot Six-shot five-level skin, and Wanted spray which becomes very dark.

    The studio has included several improvements to their development system with the new Pass. Players get additional experience to last longer in the match. The first killing of each player also gives more experience, so that the short game does not feel in vain as long as you cook at least one chicken. When reaching a certain level of Battle Pass players, get Crowns (the currency in the Realm game). Players can get a total of 800 Crowns this way. That's almost enough to cover the 900 Crowns needed to buy a Pass.

    Over the past few months, many players have fought in large numbers to reach the peak of the Second Season of Steel and Shadow Pass Realm Royale. With unique prizes tied to each level throughout, and Legendary Sacred Wolf putting up prizes to reach the end at level 80, there are plenty of things to shout at for fans of the Battle of Royale Hi-Rez adventure. But now, Season Two is over and it's time to prepare for The New Frontier, because Season Three arrives with the OB17 update.

    All players will develop a Free Pass just by playing. Unlocking a Battle Pass costs 900 Crowns and will give access to Battle Pass prizes and a 50% increase in the long season to get XP. Players who want to enter hyperspace can open a Battle Bundle - which includes Battle Pass plus 20 levels of Battle Pass which automatically opens Radon Flux Mage Skin, Tier II of Cyborg Skin Six-Shot, and Mount Mekkasaur! The Battle Bundle can be opened for 2300 Crowns. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Realm Royale Crowns for players.