Timed Finishing is a new way of scoring goals in FIFA 19

  • This year’s FIFA boasts a selection of noteworthy new features, headlined by the return of the UEFA Champions League to the series. There are plenty of improvements to gameplay, too, with one of the most intriguing additions being a new shooting mechanic called Timed Finishing.This new system takes a different approach to scoring goals, requiring players to focus on timing over shot placement. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, however, so after getting hands-on with it, we've come up with some top FIFA 19 shooting tips to guide you through Timed Finishing.

    Essentially, the timed finishing feature is a way to add some extra power and accuracy to your shots. It's really that simple. If done correctly, it boosts the chances of your shot finding the back of the net. However, if executed poorly your shot can be erratic to say the least.It is explained very well by YouTuber La5ty here, but we will give you an outline below.As you can probably guess from the name, this one is all about timing.In order to practice the move more easily, you should ensure that the trainer is not hidden during in-game play. You can customise the trainer so that it only shows the timed finishing indicator if you prefer. If you run out of FIFA 19 Points, you can come to Mmocs.com for Cheap FIFA 19 Points Top Up. With a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”, you can enjoy 3% off.

    Timed Finishing is a new way of scoring goals in FIFA 19, but is a risk versus reward method. It is an entirely new mechanic that lets you turn any shot into a world class thunderbolt with just one extra, well-timed button tap. If you want to start scoring goals from forty yards out, take heed of our advice on Timed Finishing in FIFA 19.

    In order to get used to the mechanic, we’d recommend jumping into some skill games with the FIFA Trainer enabled. This way, it gives you a small bar over your player’s head whenever you shoot. The trainer can be quite obstructive though, especially if you’re a FIFA veteran. Thankfully, the icon above your player’s head does give some feedback when you use Timed Finishing. It’ll flash yellow or red if you’ve messed up the shot, but if it goes green, you’ve executed it correctly.