Neverwinter is quite pretty and runs smoothly

  • Neverwinter has only been around for five years, but in that time the game has seen an impressive fifteen expansions, each bringing new content to the PvE endgame. The sheer volume of quests, hunts, and dungeons is enough to make even an experienced MMO player feel like their brain has been zapped by a mind flayer. If you want to get the most out of your PvE experience, you will need an organized approach, this guide aims to arm you with everything you need to know to succeed in the fun, rewarding, and ever-changing landscape of Neverwinter PvE endgame.

    Neverwinter is quite pretty and runs smoothly for one where dozens of players will populate the screen at the same time, but it is not flawless. Often, when traveling around Neverwinter, the framerate would screech like a grandma hitting the breaks for a crossing kitten. These hiccups seldom lasted long and were not unexpected considering the circumstances. It looks pretty good for an older game. While not as stylized as something like World of Warcraft, I found the look and character design to be a bit more refined than something like Elder Scrolls Online.

    If players have to run through the same old quest with every character they will soon lose interest and move to another MMO. What any MMO RPG needs to stay alive is to have enough content to let players have different gaming experiences while they level up multiple characters. The Foundry is going to be what does it for Neverwinter, though I hope that they also plan to release their own expansions and quest series to supplement the player base quests. You will be able to buy the cheapest NW Astral Diamonds at

    Neverwinter environments are also fairly attractive, with nice representations of locations previously only visited in the books and birds-eye-view via some older PC games. Another visual element that played into my enjoyment was the animation. When you are looking at a character ass for hours and hours, it is nice to feel like you are controlling a little badass. Combat animation looks pretty fluid and not as robotic or underwhelming as other titles I have played like this. My class choice was a two dagger-wielding drow, so when he unleashed a blade fury on the enemies, it made for a pretty engaging animation sequence.