Finding Cheap Kids Clothes Using a Different Kind of Strategy

  • Who can find cheap kids clothes these days? And by "cheap," I mean "discount kids clothes" or "bargain" or even just "reasonably priced." It seems even the large well-known box store that's on nearly every corner throughout the US (you know which one we mean!), isn't exactly "cheap" once you compare price to quality.

    Think about it. How many of you have shopped at that big box store, purchased a shirt or some other item of kids clothing only to see the hem or other stitching start to unravel before it's even washed the first time?

    Or, perhaps you've purchased clothes that have buttons - and the button thread doesn't even have a knot in it, so the minute you tug at that stray thread, the whole button pops off (that's my personal pet peeve).

    Now that's "cheap." As in "cheaply made."

    I know... I know... you don't want to use the word "cheap" when you're looking for your children's clothes. No one wants to appear cheap. But, what is a parent to do? Of course all parents would love to drape their children in the most beautiful of designer kids clothes, but let's face it. The reality is that today's parents are usually looking for bargains. Cheap kids clothes.

    Because the fact of the matter is a lot of parents are feeling... well... a bit "cheap" these days. But, they don't necessarily want to shop at that large well-known box store that I don't need to name. And I don't blame them.

    So here is a quick tip for all you parents who are looking for cheap kids clothes! Let's start with some of the more obvious suggestions like "shop at yard sales" or "shop at thrift or consignment stores." All cities have them, and a lot of people are selling their kids' clothing for rock-bottom prices. A lot of these clothes are barely worn since kids grow so fast.

    But, rather than waste hours chasing down just any yard sale, shop smarter. Here's an example: Get on CraigsList in your area and find the "For Sale" section of the page. Scroll down, and click on the "Garage Sale" tab. However; instead of wildly writing down every yard sale you see listed, go to the top of the page, and in the little search window, pop in the term "clothes" or "kids clothes." You will very quickly narrow down your choices.

    For example, using the strategy I just discussed, I went to the New York City section of CraigsList, and clicked on the "garage sales" tab. I immediately saw numerous pages of listings. Who wants to plow through that many listings? So, I then typed "Clothes" in the search bar at the top of the page, and the results were filtered to 99. I then tried "kids clothes" in the tab, and wound up with 12 listings. Isn't that a lot easier to sift through?

    But don't stop there! Under the same "For Sale" heading of the page, you'll see the "clothes & accessories" tab (it is abbreviated "clothes&acc"). Once you click on that tab, you'll wind up with a whole new set of options. Again, you'll likely be faced with numerous pages (especially if you live in a large city). Using the New York City example again, I typed in "kids clothes" which filtered all but 11 listings.

    Also try the "household" section since people will list kids clothes there as well. Be creative!

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